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Canadian Interest Rate Unchanged

The Bank of Canada held its key interest rate unchanged on today at 0.25 percent, as expected. The decision to leave borrowing rates unchanged came as no surprise because the central bank said in April it would leave the overnight target at 0.25 per cent until the middle of next year, provided there isn't surprise burst of inflation. The central bank reaffirmed its pledge to hold rates where they are for another year. It made no mention of unconventional monetary easing, such as printing money to buy securities, upholding its view that further stimulus is not required any time soon. The sharp rise in the value of the Canadian dollar on exchange markets could nullify efforts by the Bank of Canada and Canadian governments to reignite the country's economy, central bank governor Mark Carney said today. “If the unprecedentedly rapid rise in the Canadian dollar, which reflects a combination of higher commodity prices and generalized weakness in the U.S. currency, proves persistent, it could fully offset these positive factors,” the Bank of Canada said in a statement today from Ottawa.


corporatebully said...

RBC Bank President Gordon Nixon - Salary $11.73 Million


I'm a commercial fisherman fighting the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) over a $100,000 loan mistake. I lost my home, fishing vessel and equipment. Help me fight this corporate bully by closing your RBC Bank account.

There was no monthly interest payment date or amount of interest payable per month on my loan agreement. Date of first installment payment (Principal + interest) is approximately 1 year from the signing of my contract.
Demand loan agreements signed by other fishermen around the same time disclosed monthly interest payment dates and interest amounts payable per month.The lending policy for fishermen did change at RBC from one payment (principal + interest) per year for fishing loans to principal paid yearly with interest paid monthly. This lending practice was in place when I approached RBC.
Only problem is the loans officer was a replacement who wasn't familiar with these type of loans. She never informed me verbally or in writing about this new criteria.

Phone or e-mail:
RBC President, Gordon Nixon, Toronto (416)974-6415
RBC Vice President, Sales, Anne Lockie, Toronto (416)974-6821
RBC President, Atlantic Provinces, Greg Grice (902)421-8112 mail
RBC Manager, Cape Breton/Eastern Nova Scotia, Jerry Rankin (902)567-8600
RBC Vice President, Atlantic Provinces, Brian Conway (902)491-4302 mail
RBC Vice President, Halifax Region, Tammy Holland (902)421-8112 mail
RBC Senior Manager, Media & Public Relations, Beja Rodeck (416)974-5506 mail
RBC Ombudsman, Wendy Knight, Toronto, Ontario 1-800-769-2542 mail
Ombudsman for Banking Services & Investments, JoAnne Olafson, Toronto, 1-888-451-4519 mail

"Fighting the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) one customer at a time"

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